My Pamper Routine For Ultimate Relaxation + Self-Care Checklist {2020}

Fall is FINALLY here which means it’s time for my fall pamper routine, hot chocolate, marshmallow scented candles, and bonfires!
If you have a partner, that could mean cuddling up by the bonfire with a cup of hot chocolate. So without further ado, here is my Fall Pamper Routine!
A Peek Into My Fall Routine

My Fall Pamper Routine

1. Shower/Bath

I like to start off my relaxing night by taking a hot shower. I like to use a body wash that has a fall scent to it, or lavender scented one that is meant for relaxation. After using the body wash, I use Dove Body Scrub. This leaves my body feeling baby smooth.

2. Add Some Atmosphere

I like to put some relaxing music on while I’m in the bath. I highly recommend a Chillhop or Lofi playlist on Spotify. It’s incredibly relaxing for me and I can groove to it. To me, it is great music for the season. Along with that, I like to light candles in my room and bathroom.

3. Moisturizing Your Body

Don’t forget this step!!! Hydrating your body is one thing you should never skip out on and is vital to self-care. Part of loving yourself is taking care of yourself and treating your body like the temple it is!

4. Making A Hot Beverage

Now, it’s finally my favorite step in my pamper routine; making hot chocolate or tea. If you have a Keurig, you can plop that K-Cup in right before your bath so it’s ready for you when you get out.

5. Indulge In A Fall Treat

I try to eat quite healthily but Fall means delicious Fall treats and Thanksgiving food. I’m a foodie so, besides the hot chocolate, eating is the best part of my fall pamper routine. Some treats I indulge in during Fall include mint chocolate, Apple pie, ANYTHING peppermint, and caramel popcorn.

6. Netflix & Chillin’

You in a robe, with your hot beverage, and candles lit. This is the perfect environment for some Netflix & Chill time. I prefer to Hulu & Chill but you do you boo! It’s also a good time to spend some alone time with yourself. If you have a partner, this can be a time where you massage each other. However, this pamper routine is meant for those who are single like me.

Self-Care Checklist

  • Heat up robe or pajamas in dryer
  • Wash your face
  • Add candles and relaxing music
  • Exfoliate your face
  • Apply DIY mask or sheet mask
  • Bathe
  • Shave & exfoliate
  • Apply aloe vera or shea butter
  • Paint nails
  • Grab some snacks
  • Put on a good movie or show

I hope you will feel relaxed and take on at least one of these steps onto your fall pamper routine.

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