How Tinder Completely KILLED My Mental Health & How Abstinence Saved It

Now, hear me out. I don’t want to paint Tinder as the devil and Abstinence as an angel in the situation but this is my raw experience. If you’re not ready for some hard truths, this post may not be for you. I think every woman can see themselves in this position and relate to it, which is why it’s detrimental that I share my story!

As women, we lower and devalue ourselves. Then we allow men to lower and devalue us. I may have given men my power at one point in my womanhood but abstinence among many other things has allowed me to snatch it right back. I had to learn not to bow my head in front of anyone, let alone a man. You’re a queen, and abstinence has truly shown me that.

I’ve been celibate or abstinent for almost 3 years now and let me say Abstinence has been the best decision I could’ve made for my mental health. I’m now 22 and decided at age 20 after this long, exhausting relationship that I was kinda done with men. I was sick and tired of the way I was treated, the disrespect, and the lack of my own self-worth.

However, that didn’t last long. I had a one night stand with a guy and that was the breaking point for me. I felt powerless. Even though he felt completely satisfied, my needs weren’t even being considered as a priority. I was getting very little to no satisfaction. I felt cheap as if I was there to please him and only him.

Now, I don’t think I could tell this story about how celibacy transformed my life without mentioning the events that brought me to that decision. After the one night stand, I looked to my girl & guy friends for solace. The problem? My guy friends came on to me saying how they would treat me better and NEVER do me how my ex did. How many times have you heard that one before?

Whew, Chileeee!

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